The Japanese Word Bonsai(盆栽) literal meaning “Tray Planting” is a Japanese version originally a traditional art from ancient China. Which has traditional values and is called”Penjing”.It is believed that it starts from the 6th Century onwards, It is said that imperial students and Buddhist students from Japan visited and returned from mainland China. They have learnt and brought back many cultures and traditions as a cultural exchange, including Bonsai(Tray Planting).

After 1800, Bonsai is becoming a Specialised Art and a form of hobby, After many years Japanee has developed this art and renamed “Bonsai”

In ancient times Bonsai is art for Highly rich people and it is displayed inside and outside Meiji Palace. In the Meiji period, it is encouraged by the Emperor and there are many drawings and literature are written on these subjects.

Japan has developed their own unique style and skills after that it is widely popular across the globe and it is taught by the scholar as important Art and culture.

Before World war II it became highly popular among foreign Art lovers because of the appearance of this art in various Exhibitions and Journals.

Currently, the Japanese Government hosts regular shows and exhibitions to promote the Bonsai.