Daruma Doll

Daruma Doll is a symbol of Japanese Tradition and regarded as a wish Doll and symbol of preservance and good luck. It is considered as a lucky charm to the Japanese people, Daruma which is also called Bodhidharma was a Buddhist Monk who lived during the 5th/6th century AD.He is traditionally created as the transmitter of Ch’an(zen)to china. According to the old belief he sat facing a wall in meditation for a period of nine years without moving, which hurts his leg and arms there is one another popular belief that he became angry with himself and cut off his eyelids to avoid ever falling asleep again.

According to the belief it is said that Bodhidharma came from the Western regions, which refers to Central Asia. It is also said that he come from South India…third son of Indian King.

Daruma Doll are symbol of good luck and a popular gift among Japanese people and its been commercialised by many budhist temple

It is said that the Daruma figure is originated from the region when the ninth priest.

It is popular among Japanese People as a lucky charm for the New Year Gifts.