Hinamatsuri or Doll Festival is a famous religious festival in Japan. It is celebrated every year on 3rd March. It is celebrated for health and happiness for female children. Japanese pray to God for their health and happiness for their female child.

On this day families decorate the dolls with ornaments and decorate the doll with robes. This shows the traditional Japanese craftwork.

It believes that these events took place by influence of Chinese philosophy and were first observed during the Heian Period(794-1185). Because it fell on the first day of the first year of the first month, the third day of the third month so it considered being highly auspicious. On these days, people prepare special dishes and celebrates with families and friends.

The most interesting aspect of Himamatsuri , is crafted dolls. These are displayed on a red carpet. The platform is called a hinadan. The central figure is odorisama and the female is called ohinasama. This represents members of the imperial family. These dolls are placed in the order of the court. Three court ladies(sannin kanjo),gonin bayashi(five musicians and other attendants sit along with them in a particular order as it represents the court culture of Kyoto.

Once the festival is finished there is custom to dictates the dolls and decorations be quickly picked away. As it is believed that leaving them out toll long will harm a daughter’s chances of marriage.