Japanese Tea Ceremony(茶道)

Japanese Tea Ceremony (茶道) Sado or Chado literally means Tea Ceremony is a way back Japanese Tradition which originated from China, In olden times it was first practiced by Zen Monks in the Kamakura Period(1192-1333), who drank tea to keep the awake long session of meditation.

In olden days this practiced by Samurai and Wealthy people. Buddhist monks were the first to introduce this ritual in Japan. Tea is not only Tea but represents harmony,peace,Spiritual,Enlightenment,awakening,connetion,rejuvenation,refreshment and contestment.

The ritual of preparing and serving Japanese Green Tea is called Matcha.

The Pottery utensils “Chawas”is the most important utensils when preparing tea during the Japanese Tea Ceremony. The name refers to the traditional bowls that originated from china.

There are Tea Room Etiquette while serving Tea.

  • Let the Host seat you.
  • Enter on your knees,avoid stapping on the centre of the mate.
  • Turn the cup when it is passes to you to avoid drinking from the front where the last guest lips touched.