The Japanese word Kabuki(歌舞伎), It made of Three words, Sing(歌), Dance(舞), and Drama(伎). It is a classical form of Japanese Dance, Sing, and Drama. Kabuki is famous among Japanese People and cultural heritage.

Kabuki is said to be originated in the early Edo period, which started in Kyoto and performed with local people entertain these days generally women are performing it but now Kabuki has changed because of their cultural changes now it is performed by both males and females. Kabuki is changing and developing throughout the late 17th Century. Now it is a UNESCO world’s heritage.

In 2008 it is inscribed in the United Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Kabuki the culture which represents the rich culture of Japan

In the early years, it is performed with males and females about ordinary life and social issues. It is the classical example of Singing, Dancing, and Acting.

Kabuki Theatre becomes a form of Entertainment in the Olden days amongst Japanese People. Kabuki theatre became well known as the place to both see and in the terms of fashion and style.