Kinkakuji Temple(金閣)

The Japanese word Kinkakuji(金閣), It made of Two words KIN(金) which means Gold and KAKUJI(閣), is the name of the Temple.

Kinkaku Temple is also called Rokuonji temple literally meaning is “Deer Garden Temple” is a Zen Buddhist temple situated in Kyoto Prefecture whose two top floors are completely covered in Gold Leaf.

Kinkaku Temple is a famous attraction among people who like Japanese architecture. The First floor from natural wood and plaster, actually built as a retirement villa of a shogun, but it became a Zen temple in the 15th century.

There is the belief that Shogun Asikawa will become a zen temple of Rinzai sec after his death in 1408.

In July 1950 people get shocked Kinkakuji Temple had been deliberately burned by the crazy young monk. Which is later recreated by the Government of Japan and Now it is one of the most famous Temple in Japan