The Japanese word SHODO(書道) and same interpret as “the discipline”. It made of Two words SHO(書) which means TO WRITE and DO(道) which means WAY or PATH, SHODO is Japanese Traditional Art., is an Art from Ancient Japan that is very creative, even it is very similar to meditation

“If music is the art to express the spirit of word with the voice and instruments
                         Sho is the art that expresses the spirit of word with the brush and ink”                                                                                                                       Rie Takeda

The origin of SHODO where it comes from its not very clear but it comes from China or Korea in about the fifthen centurey AD i.e.about 1,500 years ago.Since that time it is practised in Japan,who have drawn Chinese tradition and produce there own unique style.

It is subject in Japanese Elementary School and elective subject at Junior High School. The Learning of the Chinese Character SHODO is the art of painting using the FUDE( Brush) and HANSHI (RICE Paper)

SHODO Styles

KAISHO(Standard Script)

GYOSHO(Semi cursive Script)

SOSHO(Cursive Script)

Japanese SHODO Calligraphy Tools and Implements:

1.Bunchin(Paperweight) 2.HANSHI(Paper) 3.SHITAJIKI(Mat) 4.FUDE(Brush) 5.SUZURI(Ink Well) 6.INKAN(Signature Seal) 7.Indei(Ink paper for SEAL)

In ancient time it is pastime in Japan but now it is Heritage of Japan and important Traditional Art and learn as Special Subject and SHODO Calligraphers has a their own respect in the Society.