Tokkuri(Sake Bottle)(徳利)

Tokkuri refers to Liquor Bottle or Sake Bottle. Tokkuri used to preserve Sake and used from ancient times. It is thin necked bottled rounded at the bottom. The bottle is used for keep sake and used for mainly used for pouring sake. In ancient times sake is preserve in a wooden casket but it was found that sake loose the test and after that, it was used as a ceramic bottle. Before glass bottles or plastic bottles are used but it is not found useful. The ceramic tokkuri is even now preferably because it does not spoil the flavor of sake.

Pouring sake, a liquor made from rice, from pottery choshi into a sakazuki or a cup on black background
sake – a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage, sake set tokkuri
@ Japanese restaurant

The word Tokkuri is derived from onomatopoeia that describes the sound of “Tokuri tokuri (glug-glug)’ created when sake is poured.

Tokkuri is used in Sinto-style wedding ceremonies and has its cultural aspects. Tokkuri often appears in many mangas (Japanese comics). Such as the name refers in Comic Book is “Bizen dokkuri” or “Omiki dokkuri”.

It can say that Tokkuri is a traditional liquid bottle to keep Sake and is closely related to everybody’s life.